Sir Alex Praises R.V.P.

Posted: August 27, 2012 in Matchday

After scoring a goal against Fulham, 2012.

Sir Alex Ferguson: “I think we saw the two sides of Manchester United. After cruise control, we made a terrible mistake for the second goal and it became a match. It should never have been a match, some of our football was fantastic. But we lost that second goal when we should have been in easy street. Fulham tried to slow the tempo of the match down. They do it very well because they’ve got several players over 30 years of age, they’re a very experienced team. After their second goal, we struggled. The first-half performance was fantastic. The intensity of our game was terrific. It was a fantastic goal by Robin van Persie and by half-time we were leading 3-1, it could have been four or five.”

  1. valayraval says:

    Go for a slider on the homepage with the images

    • mufcfan1 says:

      Thank you for your suggestion Valay. I had tried doing that initially but the free version of wordpress blogging doesnt support that feature or any sort of plugins.
      Sorry for the inconvenience caused. I am looking for better options through which i can upload videos or make the site easy to access. Will try and add these features soon.

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